In March 2015 we started trials of what’s now known as TNT “Strong To The Core” Fat Burners. We wanted to create a fat burner that would actually work without a prescription and to be safe and legal to use. We wanted to trial it on real people, not people that have trained in the gym for years and were just “off season” but real life men and woman that didn’t train, that eat unhealthily and did little or no exercise and the fat burner results were quite shocking to say the least!

From a field of 12 people ALL lost weight and lowered their body fat percentages.*


Here are the story’s from a few people that took part in this exclusive trial…

Individual Results May vary

Test subject number 1 Peter is in his early 40’s, an office worker that was a self confessed foodie and drank too much.

We put him on a sensible 2000 calorie diet and an exercise program of just 3 x 45 minute cardio and weights sessions per week and 4 capsules of TNT “Strong To The Core” per day.

In 12 weeks Peter lost 42lb of fat (19kg or 3 stone), 6 inch’s from his waist, 4 inches from his hips, and 2 inches from his thighs and his Body Fat percentage dropped from 37.3% to 25.4% Which I think you’ll agree is amazing in 12 short weeks*

After finishing the 12 week fat burner trial Peter went on to test our newly anticipated product “Test Your Limits” Testosterone booster and has seen fantastic results not only did he carry on losing weight and got down to an amazing 12% body fat he toned up and built a great physique.  Peters training included 2 cardio HIIT sessions per week and 3 or 4 weight sessions along with 4 capsules of Test Your Limits and the odd month of Strong To the Core fat burner to keep the weight loss consistent.*

Peter Says…

“I took part in the fat burner trial as I was fed up of being overweight and lazy! I had nothing to lose, other than fat of course, and everything to gain but I truly didn’t think I would lose over 3 stone in 12 weeks.

Taking 2 fat burners capsules before breakfast and another 2 before my evening meal helped me to focus on my training and diet, and suppressed my hunger throughout the day. This really made a big difference for me not feeling hungry and filling up on rubbish.

I thought the diet plan and exercise training was going to be a lot stricter than it was an wondered if I would even finish the 12 week course but I’m glad to say I did and it has spurred me on to lead a healthier and fitter lifestyle and looking forward to summer!”*

Peter H. July 2015

Individual Results May vary

Individual Results May vary

Test subject number 2 was a lady called Fiona mid 30’s a wedding cake designer by trade so had all the temptation of cakes and sweets in her daily life. We put Fiona on a 1500 calorie diet and an exercise program of just 3 x 45 minute HIIT sessions per week along with the standard dose of 4 capsules of TNT “Strong To The Core” fat burner capsules.

In 12 weeks Fiona had lost 51lb (23kg / 3.5 stone) inspired by her weight loss she carried on for another 6 weeks and ended up losing a MASSIVE 70lb (32kg / 5 Stone)!*

Fiona lost 7 inches off her waist, 8 inches off her hips, 5 inches off her thigh’s and 2 inches off her arms… that’s a total inch loss of 22 inches and her Body Fat percentage dropped from 33.9% to 23.3%, which is absolutely fantastic by anyone’s standards.*

Fiona Says…

“I’ve tried quite a few slimming tablets over the years so when I was offered this trial I was quite sceptical as none of the others had really worked for me but the fat burner results were incredible.

I stuck to their 1500 calorie diet and did 3 HIIT classes a week alongside taking 4 TNT fat burner capsules per day. What I noticed in week 1-2 is that I wasn’t feeling as hungry during the day or evening as I normally did.

By week 4 I had lost over a stone and my energy levels were really increasing to the point I felt I could have increased my exercise level; but I didn’t I just relied on a healthy diet and taking the fat burners.
By the end of the trial I had lost over 3 stone so I asked if I could carry on for another few weeks with the fat burners, which they kindly let me, and I ended up losing 5 stone and exceeding my target weight of 10st 7lb which really has changed my life.

I’ve had a complete new wardrobe and now I can buy clothes from absolutely ANY shop on the high street and even squeeze nicely into a sexy little designer dress that I could have only dreamt about before!!

Thanks TNT you have changed my life!”*

Fiona M. August 2015

Your words not ours…

Thanks for the opportunity to trial your new product; it was great to be part of something new and that actually worked! I lost just over a stone and a half in 12 weeks and so far it’s stayed off. Good luck with TNT Fat Burners I’m sure they will be a massive hit!*
Jenny A.  London

Hey guys just a quick note after the final weigh in and check up I lost 9 kilos in 12 weeks and 6% body fat! If you have any more trials for products give me a shout…. Good luck with the fat burner.*
Steve H. Norwich

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! What more can I say? These pills have changed my life! I feel like a new woman or should I say half the woman I used to be!! Lol TNT sure did help blast away the fat and thanks to them and a little exercise I lost 28lb in 12 weeks. Can I buy some now? PLEASE!*
Kate M. Chester

Dear TNT thank you for the chance to do the 12 week trial… here are my last results.  Starting weight 14st 5lb finish weight 12st 9lb my starting body fat was 27.6% and is today 19.3% I’ll email the before, during and after pictures along with my log shortly. Just a quick note to say I wholeheartedly believe your fat burner results will be a real success as I have never been able to lose more than a few pounds at any one time and have been on and off diets for the past 15 years.*
Derek W. Leeds

*Individual results may vary