Are you wasting money on creatine?

Are you wasting money on creatine? We think the supplement industry gets a bad rap for two main reasons. The first is false marketing, the products don’t often do what they claim to do and the second is over pricing. Products are often too expensive for what it is that they deliver.

Luckily creatine is a supplement that is not subject to either of the above. It’s the most researched sports supplement with over 700 human studies investigating its safety and efficacy, and while it can be subject to false marketing which is usually through the promotion of its variants like creatine HCL or creatine Ethyl Ester which don’t have nearly the same scientific backing as creatine monohydrate, they often jack the price up unnecessarily. Plain old creatine is not that expensive at all. In fact in order to get the same dose from one teaspoon of creatine powder you would have to eat 1kg of raw beef, so the price difference and the practical difference makes supplementation a no-brainer.

So what is Creatine & Nitrate?

So, creatine is a small tripeptide, meaning it is made up of 3 amino acids linked together. Our bodies can produce it naturally and it can be found in foods such as raw beef but even if you are eating a ton of meat you are still not getting enough to see its performance & physique enhancing effects because it’s found in very low amounts and cooking denatures the creatine anyway. In order to maximise our ATP levels, we must supplement with creatine. Nitrate, or nitrogen atoms, is what helps the increase in oxygen levels in the bloodstream, which allows for a significantly greater pump when lifting heavy weights and faster transport of creatine to muscle cells.

What is ATP?

The body has 3 main energy systems which work together to produce ATP, the main energy currency used in the body.

The aerobic system produces ATP slowly using blood glucose and fat as fuel during long-duration workouts like long-distance running. The anaerobic system produces ATP more quickly using blood glucose for intense bouts lasting 30 seconds – 2minuets like swimming for example and the phosphagen energy system produces ATP extremely quickly by using creatine phosphate stored in muscle so when you need energy very quickly such as doing a fast all-out sprint or a heavy set of bench press your body relies on creatine phosphate as a quick source of ATP. By supplementing with creatine you can boost creatine stores by 20-40% which means you will have more readily available energy which will help you train hard and for longer amounts of time.

Can creatine be stored under the skin causing water retention?

No, creatine cannot be stored under the skin, but creatine does cause water retention but only ‘inside’ the muscle cell which increases fiber diameter which could in further increase muscle growth through cellular swelling.

TNT Creatine Nitrate increases the dilation of the veins and arteries which increases blood flow, making creatine nitrate the perfect synergist to use alongside TNT Light The Fuse pre-workout and has been shown to maximise performance during short-term high intensity repeated exercise bouts and is specifically recommended for athletes such as bodybuilders, powerlifters and sprinters who perform high-intensity, explosive exercises.

Another MASSIVE benefit of supplementing with TNT Creatine Nitrate is that it actively helps support muscle growth. As it’s stored in the skeletal muscle, it helps your body to synthesize protein, repair muscle tears, and recover from high-intensity exercise… In other words, it helps you build serious amounts of muscle FAST!


Creatine Is a no-brainer for anyone looking to increase muscle size, strength or go faster and longer than before. It’s heavily backed by research to show its safety and effectiveness and is cheap enough to use on a very regular basis.

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