Rushane Thomas, PCA junior british champion, dumbbell lateral raise, shoulder workout.

Team TNT Athlete Rushane Thomas takes you through one of his brutal high volume shoulder workouts as he begins his contest preparation for the PCA competitive season.


Rushane is the current Junior PCA British Champion and is looking to dominate for a second year running. This workout is not for the faint hearted as it requires nothing less than MAX effort as you will see demonstrated in the videos below if you wish to have huge delts that will make your shoulders give you that impressive V taper.

Give this workout ago and COMMENT below if you have any questions below for Rushane to answer for you. Who better than the current British Champ to get advice from?


Rushane Thomas, posing, shoulders, team tnt athlete.

3D Shoulders

This Workout is centred around creating the 3D effect – perfect roundness and symmetry so I appear bigger on stage.

At the start of my workout I like to do a giant superset starting light to flush blood into the working muscle and loosen up my joints ready for some serious poundage.

All you will need is some light dumbbells for this as the sheer volume of reps will have your delts on fire before you even get to the serious weights.

Side raises, 5kg x 33 2.5kg x 33 1.25kg x 33.
Bent over raise 5kg x 33 2.5kg x 33 1.25kg x 33
Front raise 5kg x 33 2.5kg x 33 1.25kg x 33


Once you have completed the giant superset it’s time to get serious.

The seated dumbbell shoulder press is a staple in my routine and feel its one of the best shoulder exercises you can do for maximum fibre stimulation as this also brings your stabilisation muscle into play to support the lift working everything down to your core.

Dumbbell shoulder press 30kg x 12, 35kg x 12, 40kg x 12, 48kg x 7



Now that you have completed the seated shoulder press and given MAX effort, it is now time to isolate the lateral head (Middle) of the delts.

Here you will be looking for serious growth to give you that rounded boulder shoulder look that gives your shoulders their width. Remember, the wider the shoulders & are look the smaller the waist looks.

Single arm machine side raises 55kg x 20 65kg x 20 75kg x 20 100kg x 12, 5 forced reps



By this point it should be impossible to raise your arms above your head. If you can then you simply haven’t done it right…. So go back and do it again!
We are going to finish on the machine Rear Delt Fly or Reverse Pec Dec.

Here, you will be looking to target the almost always neglected posterior (Rear) delt to create that 3D look that we are looking for so make sure you give this just as much time and attention as you gave the others. Focus on a strong mind to muscle connection and be sure to get a full squeeze and contraction.

To finish, throw in a drop set to real blow them up and take them to failure.

Rear dealt flys 80kg x 20 100kg x 13 120kg x 13 Drop set 140kg x 10 120kg x 8 100kg x 8


Guys and Girls, be sure to give this workout a go and please let me know what you think by commenting below and also let me know what other body parts / topics you would like me to cover.

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