Glutes – Team TNT Athlete Charlotte Thompson

Charlotte Thompson standing in her TNT leggings showing her glutes

My biggest advice on “adding mass to your ass” is definitely a combination of a lot of different variations, exercises & weights. I like to train my glutes 2-3 times a week which I find is extremely effective. This gives me plenty of time to recover from one session to the next so I can ensure each session is an explosive one. I always mix up the days I train glutes so that my body is never stuck in routine. One of the days I would focus on isolating my glutes and performing isolation exercises.

An example of a good isolation exercise for glutes would be a Cable Glutes Kickback – these are really effective as you don’t need to focus on an extreme range of motion. It allows you to focus on squeezing and contracting the glutes while lifting a decent amount of weight for your desired rep range.


Click the video below for an example of how I use the cable machine to perform the cable glute kickback.

Cable Glute Kickback


On my second leg/glute day of the week, I add in all my compound exercises like squat’s, lunge, leg press and deadlift which we all know are the famous go to exercises for mass and strength and power. A compound exercise is mostly any exercise that uses two or more joints/muscle groups to complete a movement so If you haven’t added Squats & Deadlifts to your leg/glutes sessions already, then you need to start. Squats & Deadlifts are the ultimate exercises you will need for building and shaping your legs and glutes.


I always have a mind-set of how heavy can I go today? I always aim to beat my last PB (personal best) of how many reps I can get of my heaviest set which I really love to do as it means every session you’re improving which will help psychologically to motivate you and have that feeling of accomplishment.
I used to believe that low weight, high reps where most effective for me until I hit a certain plateau in my training and just wasn’t getting the results. I realised it was time to brave up and hit the big girl weights and it wasn’t until then I really noticed the progress.


Charlotte Thompson taking a selfie at the gym while wearing her TNT leggings after a glutes session.
Always time for a selfie but only after the work is DONE!
I increased my training volume and the weight I was lifting previously to really challenge myself and forced my body to adapt to the new stresses I was placing upon it which in return resulted in progression.


I realised my body is capable of so much and yet my mind puts it off so easily. When you start to train outside your comfort zone you come to terms with it and you grow a mind-set which enables you to go beyond what you once thought wasn’t possible and you improve continuously.


SO…. If you’re aiming to gain Mass to your Ass then its time to up your weights. Add in compound & isolation exercises into your plan and really concentrate on that mind to muscle connection throughout each rep/exercise and you WILL notice a difference in strength & endurance most definitely.


There are no shortcuts, you have to work for it….


So “dream BIG, work hard. Stay focused & surround yourself with good people”
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